Screenwriter Brian Lansburgh, experienced in many phases of film production, is currently working as a flight instructor in Sisters, Oregon. Although specializing in Tailwheel Endorsements (a type of FAA pilot certification), his students master a wide variety of maneuvers that other schools rarely ever teach and which those unfamiliar with aviation rarely understand.

Lansburgh honed his own flying skills primarily with an airshow flying career that spanned 14 years. He possesses a rare combination of talents, some perhaps inherited from a screenwriter mother and a two-time academy award winning producer/cameraman father. He was employed by L3 Wescam in a job which combined the skills of a flyer and a cinematographer.
He flew a camera plane for L3 Wescam, often substituting for the Goodyear Blimp over “Monday Night Football” games or a wide variety of television shows, such as ABC’s coverage of a giant forest fire over Arizona, a gas well explosion in the gulf of Mexico or war games at the Naval Air Station, Fallon, Nevada.

Lansburgh’s Flight Instructor certificate is in both airplanes and gliders. In addition, he holds a commercial Hot Air Balloon license and is rated in seaplanes as well. He is also a licensed A&P (airframe and power plant) aircraft mechanic.

His experience in both aviation and film production have served him well, not only with an Academy Award Nomination for his film, “Dawn Flight”, but most recently with video projects that serve his website,, and as a small group of clients.

Lansburgh’s background in both aviation and film production show in the offerings from Northwest Film Partners.