One Last Flight

One day, not too long ago, we received an unsolicited manuscript written by a crop-duster pilot with a knack for writing.  He’d written a short story.  It was a true story of an old guy who’d been a pilot in WW2.

He and the author had met at the airport and they flew together in an old aircraft similar to the one the old guy had been trained in toward the beginning of WW2.  It was a captivating story about an old pilot taking advantage of the chance to make one last flight.  And it was truly one last flight.

Director of Videography Bert Garrison was taken with the story as was Brian Lansburgh.  Brian has since begun a screen play for a picture based on the story.  We’ve made it one of the offerings at Northwest Film Partners because it is one of those stories that some of us can really get behind.  And, it is Academy Award material if shot and written correctly.

Right now, it is envisioned as a short subject, but we realize that shorts may not garner much interest.  However, “One Last Flight” has a lot of possibilities.  Perhaps you will find one of them!

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About the Authors

Kirby Mills is a former air show performer and motion picture stuntman with extensive production experience.

Brian Lansburgh is a former air show comedy pilot, an Academy Award nominated producer and veteran director-cameraman.